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Like most working Canadians you likely have accumulated some sizeable assets over the years such as your home, vehicles, rental or vacation properties, investments, and so on.

Have you ever wondered where the money came from to purchase these assets? Well, it's from your paycheque. You could lose one of your assets, and as long as you have a paycheque coming in, you can survive and rebuild your financial life.

Have you ever considered where your paycheque comes from? It comes from your ability to put on your socks and shoes and go to work every day. Your paycheque depends on your mental and physical ability to earn it. What would happen if you lost that ability? How would your finances and assets be affected?

Most people do not realize until it's too late that your Health is your Wealth. Unless you are independently wealthy and don't need to work, ask yourself what would happen if a serious accident or illness were to occur? How much money would you make if you were not able to go to work? What would you do?

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