Critical Illness Protection

We all know someone who has suffered a life threatening condition such as a Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer. It affects each person in a different way, however, one thing is common: their lives are changed forever. There are fixed medical costs, time off work, home renovations in more serious cases, including nursing care costs, and so on. Critical Illness Insurance can help provide the cash for these unexpected costs.

Think for a minute and ask yourself how many people you know who have suffered from a Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, or any other life threatening illness.  Really think. Isn't it surprising how many people you know who have been afflicted. Now ask yourself how it affected them. What life changes did they go through? Would money have helped? How?

No one plans to get sick, however, the statistics are staggering on how many people will suffer from a Critical Illness in their lifetime. The severity of the condition and expected recovery time are unknown until the event occurs. If it were to happen to you, would your doctor or family ask you to work harder or take time to recover? Would they ask you to increase or decrease your stress? Would having extra funds available help?

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How much coverage can I get?

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What does Critical Illness cover?


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