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A Health & Welfare Trust, also known as a PHSP or Private Health Services Plan, is a fantastic tax tool that allows a business to pay for and tax deduct virtually any medical or dental expense. The Trust's can cover a great many items an insurance plan would never pay for. These plans work exceptionally well for companies of all shapes and sizes, and this is the same program we use for our company and staff.

Advantages of a Health & Welfare Trust Include...

  • Lower Fees - 10% of claims only
  • Cost Control - what you don't use, you don't lose: surplus funds remain in your account
  • Flexibility - covers medical or dental expenses an insurance plan would never pay for

You May Consider a Health & Welfare Trust if...

  • You are self employed
  • You are a business owner with Employee Benefits
  • You have medical or dental expenses
  • You have private or individual health insurance
  • You would like to save taxes

Please note: there are rules and regulations to follow, and not all business structures (sole proprietorships, partnerships, Ltd co's) receive the same deduction limits.

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