Investment Options

There are thousands of investments to choose from, and just as many opinions on the "right" one for you. There is no question, a properly constructed portfolio (containing a wide variety of investments) to help your money grow is essential.

We do however, fully appreciate that it's your money at risk, not ours. We also understand you may have different beliefs and comfort zones based on your past experience.

As such, we have made an executive decision to only offer investment products and services that offer some form of guarantee, or have some form of tangible security.

You must have a portion of your investments that are immune to sudden market corrections that can (and have) bankrupt many people. This is essential to have a secure retirement. We'll ensure you always have some money regardless of economic conditions.

We offer quality products such as:

  • Segregated Funds
  • GIC's and Annuities
  • High Yield Interest Accounts
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Guaranteed Retirement Income Products
  • Alternative Investments (Land Banking, Private Lending, etc)

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