Pension Maximization

Pension Plan:

Should you take early withdrawals at age 60 at a reduced income level, or wait until age 65 for the maximum benefit? This is a good question, and we can run the numbers to see what option makes the most sense based on your unique needs.

CPP Income Options

Employer Pension Plan:

Once retired, you will be required to draw an income from your pension. Did you know the pension income may be significantly reduced in order to provide a survivor income to your spouse? There are alternatives that will allow you to enjoy a higher pension income today, while providing for your spouse at the same time.

Pension Maximization

Individual Pension Plans:

An effective strategy for incorporated business clients is the establishment of an IPP. This effectively allows you to transfer, on a tax free basis, money from your company into a private Pension Plan. Please review the following link for more information, as IPP's are a more complex strategy and require a minimum level of knowledge before proceeding. You will also need to consult with your accountant or tax advisor to ensure this works for you.


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