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What We Do...

Every financial services company claims to have the best products and services, and claims to put your needs ahead of their own. So why us? What makes us different? We prove it.

We accomplish this with our client education process, professional needs analysis, full disclosure, and our uncompromised personal service.

Who We Are...

  Kevin A. Jones FMA, CLU, CFSB   Selena
Kevin A. Jones
Selena Day
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How We Do It...

Here are some examples of our work...

Alternate Funding Strategies

BTN Insure Right

CPP Income Options

Estate Liabilities

GIC or Annuity

Pension Maximization

What clients can expect...

  • No Pressure - We give clients time to review our analysis and options.
  • Integrity - If you don't need it, don't buy it or waste your money on it.
  • Respect - We appreciate it's your money, not ours: that's why it's important to do it right!
  • Objective, Professional Advice - We provide information and analysis that is successful both short and long term. There are no false hopes or dreams, just results By The Numbers.
  • Professional Network - We can refer clients to Lawyers, Accountants, and Mortgage Specialists, etc., for your other financial or legal needs.
  • Education and Experience - We have specialized training and experience in what we do.

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